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Buttonwillow, CA Personal Injury Lawyers

Buttonwillow, California, is a small town located in Kern County with just under 1,500 people. It’s located in the San Joaquin Valley and is home to many working-class residents. Regardless of Buttonwillow’s size and population, there will always be people there who experience injuries. Depending on the nature and cause of those injuries, these individuals may be able to receive financial benefits as repayment.

Understanding What Personal Injury Is and How to File a Claim

Personal injury includes any harm done as a result of someone’s wrongdoing or negligence. This can include anything from slip and fall injuries to medical malpractice. If you sustain injuries from someone else, you may be entitled to compensation under the correct circumstances.

If you are eligible, you must file a personal injury claim, which involves submitting all the information from an accident to an insurance company in hopes they will compensate you for the damages incurred in the accident. Some insurance companies will try to pay you less than you deserve. To prevent this, one of the best things you can do is to hire a personal injury lawyer.

In the town of Buttonwillow, CA, our Chain | Cohn | Clark personal injury attorneys cover a variety of different personal injury types.

Our Buttonwillow Practice Areas

Although there are steps you can take to prevent injuries, the mistakes of another person are out of your control. This means that injuries can happen at virtually any time. Our personal injury attorneys handle a variety of different personal injury cases and we strive to make your physical and/or emotional recovery as easy as possible. Below are some of the personal injury practice areas we cover at Chain | Cohn | Clark.

Buttonwillow Car Accidents

A Chain | Cohn | Clark Buttonwillow car accident lawyer will help you proceed with the next steps after your accident. Through performing a thorough investigation, gathering the necessary information, and negotiating with insurance companies, our attorneys will help you build a solid car accident personal injury case.

Buttonwillow Motorcycle Accidents

Hiring a Buttonwillow motorcycle accident lawyer can substantially increase the chances of receiving a favorable court decision. Similar to other auto accidents, a motorcycle crash can be very traumatic for all parties involved. If you are hurt, traumatized, or experiencing overwhelming financial burdens as a result of your injuries, reach out to one of our attorneys for legal guidance.

Buttonwillow Truck Accidents

Truck accidents typically involve dealing with large trucking companies as well as insurance companies. Many corporations will try to intimidate you from filing a lawsuit. Companies with a lot of money will also try to pay you a lump sum upfront to escape paying the compensation amount you actually deserve. Buttonwillow truck accident lawyers have the confidence to stand up to those companies. Chain | Cohn | Clark has been around for long enough to leverage other companies in the area and build a stronger case while also protecting you and your reputation.

Buttonwillow Sexual Abuse and Elder Abuse Cases

Buttonwillow sex abuse attorneys deal with some of the most difficult cases, but they are some of the most necessary. If you or someone you know was treated inappropriately by another individual in a way that led to either you feeling uncomfortable or a violation of privacy, that may be grounds for a lawsuit. Hire a Buttonwillow sexual abuse lawyer to help determine if you have a case, who is the cause of the issues, and how you should proceed with pursuing damages.

Another common form of abuse is elder abuse. Whether it’s through negligence, mistakes, or intentional mistreatment, elders are not able to protect themselves the same way as healthy, younger adults. They are more likely to be extorted in physical or financial situations. A Buttonwillow elder abuse lawyer will ensure that elderly victims are treated properly and awarded with the financial compensation they deserve.

Buttonwillow Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are those involving a collision between a motor vehicle or bicycle, and a person on foot. Depending on which party is at fault, a Buttonwillow pedestrian accident lawyer could represent the pedestrian or the driver. Sometimes a pedestrian in the wrong spot will cause a driver to swerve or incur property damage elsewhere. In this case, the pedestrian may be responsible for covering those damages. If the driver is at fault, they will likely be responsible for covering damages or injuries that befell the pedestrian.

Buttonwillow Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. These include collisions with other moving objects, collisions with stationary objects, or wipeouts due to terrain/environmental factors. Bicycle accidents are not typically covered by the same insurance that car accidents are, so Buttonwillow bicycle accident lawyers are essential to navigating this type of lawsuit.

Reliable Personal Injury Lawyers in Buttonwillow

There are multiple personal injury law firms in and around Kern County, but not all of them have the experience that we do at Chain | Cohn | Clark. We’ve been representing Californian workers and working-class citizens for decades. We have connections to other businesses and important individuals who can help us conduct investigations and fight large companies.

Don’t put the future of your finances into the hands of a law firm that will settle for less than you deserve. Turn down the insurance company’s first settlement, gather all the necessary information, and hire a Chain | Cohn | Clark Buttonwillow personal injury attorney today to maximize your financial benefits.

 Let Us Help You Get the Settlement You Deserve

The rewards for a personal injury settlement can range anywhere from several thousand to several million dollars, depending on the severity of your injury and the size of the responsible party. Personal injury compensation is intended to cover both economic and non-economic costs. Economic costs include things like vehicle damages, medical bills, and other necessary insurance payments. Non-economic costs are additional prices such as emotional trauma, or benefits for pain and suffering.

Settlements can also sometimes include money or services to accommodate newly received disabilities. If you are hit by a semi-truck and require a wheelchair, your settlement should cover the cost of that wheelchair, and potentially the cost of converting your home to be more wheelchair accessible.

Don’t let insurance companies fool you into settling for less than you deserve. At Chain | Cohn | Clark we firmly believe that the responsible party should be held accountable.

Buttonwillow Personal Injury FAQs

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim?

The amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim depends on the state in which the injury occurs. The statute of limitations for personal injury in California is two years. From the date of your accident, you have two years of eligibility if you’d like to receive compensation. If you’re filing a claim against an agency of the government, county, or city, you will only be eligible to file a claim for six months.

Can I represent myself in a personal injury case?

There is no law explicitly stating that you need to have an attorney representing you in the state of California. However, working with a lawyer that understands the intricacies of personal injury can reduce the headache of filing a claim and increase the potential of winning more benefits. When you represent yourself, insurance companies may attempt to take advantage of your legal inexperience. 

Contact a Reliable Bakersfield Personal Injury Lawyer at Chain | Cohn | Clark

We’ve been supporting the greater California area around Kern County for 85 years now. We’ve got a track record of success not only in Bakersfield, but also in the surrounding cities and towns of San Joaquin Valley. Beyond trust in our track record, you can also rely on the fact that we won’t charge you unless you win your case. Our “no recovery, no fee” strategy ensures that we feel compelled to fight for your justice.

To reach out to Chain | Cohn | Clark you can fill out the form on our Contact Us page, or call (661) 616-9829 to speak with an attorney; Our toll-free number is 800-322-4529. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your case. If we don’t answer right away, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Let our Buttonwillow personal injury lawyers help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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