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California City Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Chain | Cohn | Clark Will Settle Your Workers’ Comp Claim in California City, CA

Chain | Cohn | Clark is home to some of the most highly regarded workers’ compensation lawyers in the California City area. Our Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Professionals in the state of California have secured millions of dollars for our clients over the years.

Dependable Workers’ Compensation Law Firm in California City

A workplace accident in California City can cause a variety of injuries. These may include physical injuries caused by a random, at-work event, hypertension, heart disease, or exposure to chemicals. California’s workers’ compensation laws were created to help workers maintain coverage for medical injuries and, in some cases, even future disabilities.

The workers’ comp attorneys at Chain | Cohn | Clark are here to help if your employer is refusing to comply with these laws. We will work tirelessly to secure the compensation you are owed.

What to Do If You’ve Had a Work-Related Injury

Inform your employer immediately if you have a work-related injury. Any length of time you wait to report such an incident can result in a delay or even a denial of your workers’ compensation benefits.

Injured individuals have one year to file with the Workers’ Compensation and Appeals Board after they file their initial claim form with their employer. Contact us if you are having trouble receiving compensation. We will fight for you.

Is it Worth it to Call a Law Firm for Workers’ Compensation in California City? 

James A. Yoro has won millions for his clients. Listed below are some of his biggest wins, which illustrate what you might be able to expect if you or a loved one have experienced a workplace accident or injury.

  • Melgar v. Cataran Inc. ($4.5 million): While operating his tractor, a farmworker suffered grave injuries when he was struck by a truck. At the time, it was a history-making win within Kern County.
  • Melgar v. M. Cataran Inc. ($1.13 million): After being hit by the top of a cab truck, our client suffered from spinal cord paralysis
  • Tucker v. Grapeman Bakersfield Cold Storage ($1.1 million): An employer failed to ensure the equipment met design specifications and other safety measures, as determined by the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration. As a result, our client was sprayed in the face with anhydrous ammonia while working as a refrigerator technician. His injuries resulted in several surgeries, including stem cell transplants and corneal transplants in both eyes.
  • Wyatt v. Erro ($1 million): Our client suffered from a fractured skull after he fell from a hay squeeze onto his head from the top of a haystack.

Free Consultation Attorneys in California City, CA

Here at Chain | Cohn | Clark, we are committed to fighting for the rights of the working men and women of California City, California. Contact us at 661-616-9829 or fill out an online form for a free consultation.

Types of Work Place Accidents

Slip & Fall Accidents

These types of accidents may include slipping on a wet surface or falling from a high platform at a construction or factory site. Slips or falls can also be the result of malfunctioning machinery. Accidents like this may injure the head, brain, or ligaments.

Burn Accidents

Burn accidents are often the result of exposure to flammable liquids that could ignite. Explosions can also occur due to poor safety measures and can sometimes result in very serious conditions like blindness and/or third-degree burns.

Electrocution Accidents

Workers can experience electrocution and face life-threatening injuries if they are near exposed wiring, faulty safety equipment, or a coworker/employer who breaks code. In cases like these, damage can be done to muscle and bone. 

Chemical Exposure or Spills 

Workers may experience these types of accidents because of poor safety procedures or the carelessness of fellow employees. In some work settings, it can be quite common for accidental toxic splashes to occur.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is possible for workers to get hit or run over by motor vehicles in a work setting—for example, with dump trucks on construction sites.

Machinery Accidents

Broken bones and limbs can result from workers being stuck or pinned between objects or a wall following a machinery accident.

Workers’ Compensation FAQ California City, CA

California law requires employers to publicly post information about workers’ compensation. But that doesn’t always mean that the information will be clearly understandable to a person injured on the job for the first time.

There are tight deadlines when it comes to workers’ compensation. You must ensure your injuries are on file with your employer within 30 days of the accident to be eligible for benefits. This then gives your employer a 10-day window in which to report the accident to the insurance company. After this step, you have one year to the date of the accident to file for workers’ compensation in California.

Workers’ compensation will not match your entire salary. Instead, you will be reimbursed 2/3 of your weekly earnings. This will last for a maximum of 104 weeks within a five-year period. More serious injuries may qualify for 240 weeks. This includes people with permanent disabilities that alter the course of their life.

Most settlements range between $2,000 and $100,000. Irreversible injuries may result in a far greater payout.

Who Is Eligible for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Only an employee can file a claim for workers’ compensation. Your claim must be for a work-related injury or illness. Remember to meet California’s deadlines when filing your claim.

Can My Boss Fire Me for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim? 

It is illegal for an employer in California to terminate an employee for requesting workers’ compensation benefits. Still, your employer has the right to fire you if you can no longer perform the duties of the job due to your injury. You may regain these wages within your workers’ compensation case.

Can I Sue Workers’ Compensation for Pain & Suffering?

A workers’ compensation claim will not result in pay for pain and suffering. This encompasses mental anguish, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mental trauma, or loss of companionship. All claims must prove quantifiable economic damages.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Work Injury Attorney?

Most lawyers will be awarded 10-20% of a settlement. Injury lawyers and workers’ compensation lawyers work on wins. If you don’t get paid, neither do we.

Meet the California City Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Chain | Cohn | Clark 

James A. Yoro is a senior partner here at Chain | Cohn | Clark. He heads all of the firm’s workers’ compensation cases. As a Certified Workers’ Compensation Professional, he is well respected within the California legal community. He has served as the president of the Kern County Bar Association and been named a Top Attorney by various organizations. He has secured as much as $4.5 million in a single workers’ compensation award for a Kern County client.

Beatriz A. Trejo is a partner at Chain | Cohn | Clark. She is a Certified Legal Specialist in Workers’ Compensation. Trejo was named “Workers’ Compensation Young Lawyer of the Year” in California. In addition to this, she has been named as a “Rising Star” four years in a row by the digital magazine Southern California Super Lawyers.

If you have a workers’ compensation claim to fight in California City, CA, Chain | Cohn | Clark is the team you want by your side. Contact us at 661-616-9829 or reach out to us online for a free consultation.

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