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Civil Rights

Our civil rights lawyers are always standing by to make sure you get your justice. Our professional lawyers understand that civil rights violations take many forms. You may be treated unfairly at your place of work or abused by an individual in a position of authority. The civil rights lawyers at Chain | Cohn | Clark understand the pain, suffering and injustice associated with Civil rights injuries, and we’re prepared to help you file a civil rights lawsuit in pursuit of restitution.

Civil Rights Lawyers

Our Civil Rights Lawyers Have Successfully Resolved Countless Cases

The civil rights lawyers at Chain | Cohn | Clark have successfully resolved countless cases involving injuries, and even death, due to civil rights violations, including several that garnered international media attention. Our attorneys represented the family of a man who was beaten to death by more than a dozen Kern County Sheriff’s Department detention deputies. In the widely circulated case of David Sal Silva, in which he was beaten to death by law enforcement officers, our law office helped resolve the case for a $3.4 million settlement. Click here to learn more about this case.

State penalties may differ from those at the federal level. Our civil rights law firm is experienced in determining what kind of lawsuits victims should file in given cases, and this experience ultimately goes a long way towards improving outcomes.

A Civil Rights Attorney From Our Team Will Represent You

Each civil rights attorney on the Chain | Cohn | Clark team specializes in researching and investigating the circumstances surrounding incidents and the legislation that applies to them. Our goal is to help your case find the right venue so that you’ll be heard properly.

Have You Been The Victim Or The Accused Of A Civil Rights Violation?

It takes more than alleged civil rights violations or accusations to win damages. Even if you believe you possess indisputable evidence proving that an injury happened due to a Civil Rights violation, failing to target the correct party or legal entity may reduce the chances that a court will award you compensation. Furthermore, the specific compensation your civil rights attorney asks for may be denied based on its amount. Our civil rights lawyers understand not only the nuances of what constitutes a Civil Rights case but also the way to pursue damages in a constructive fashion.

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Your choice of civil rights attorney can make or break your quest for compensation. To learn how a civil rights law firm should work to protect your rights and help you recover, contact Chain | Cohn | Clark at (661)616-9829 soon.

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