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Delano Brain Injury Lawyers

Delano Brain Injury Lawyers

In Delano, the law offices of Chain | Cohn | Clark helps individuals in need of legal assistance when filing brain injury lawsuits. Head injuries can cause a variety of problems including cognition difficulties, muscle weakness, fatigue, pain, weight loss and other problems. Bakersfield and Delano brain injury lawyers advocate for the interests of individuals suffering from this kind of trauma. There are a variety of legal methods that can be used to secure a Arvin or Delano brain injury settlement, and you are encouraged to speak with one of our qualified brain injury lawyers about your unique circumstances.

Brain Injuries Affect Many Different Areas Of The Brain

The brain regulates a variety of different functions. Any damage to one of the following areas can impact the part of the body governed by the associated area of the brain:

  • Parietal lobe
  • Occipital lobe
  • Temporal lobe
  • Brain stem
  • Cerebellum
  • Frontal lobe

We’re Your Team Of Delano Brain Injury Lawyers

Delano brain injury lawyers understand the kinds of injuries that can happen when each part of the brain is injured or sustains damage. For example, injuries to the parietal lobe can affect spatial and visual abilities, tactile sensations and abstract skills like reading. Occipital lobe injuries often affect recognition abilities including written words and objects. Injuries to the temporal lobe can affect language and musical abilities, and it can cause communication difficulties. The frontal lobe regulates behavior, organization skills and emotions, so injuries to this lobe can affect these abilities. Brain stem injuries can affect the heart, the blood vessels, the body’s temperature and the person’s sleep cycles. Cerebellum injuries often affect balance, memory and muscle reflexes.

Delano Brain Injury Settlement

Delano brain injury lawsuits must be organized in a way that encourages the court to award damages for the loss of these essential skills. We work on behalf of anyone who is suffering from an injury to the parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe, brain stem, cerebellum or frontal lobe. The task of adjusting to life will already present a variety of challenges, so it is important to have a dedicated team working to protect the rights of the injured person through appropriate legal channels. Delano brain injury lawsuits can lead to a financial award for damages, which can be used to cover medical expenses, legal costs and rehabilitation treatment.

We Can Help You Obtain A Delano Brain Injury Settlement

If you or someone you love is suffering from a brain injury for any reason, you might be entitled to receive a Taft or Delano brain injury settlement. Contact our office for reliable representation in Delano at (661)616-9829 today.

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