March 23, 2020 | Current Cases

Bond v. Cobble Stone

Bond v. Cobble Stone

For more than two years, Ruthie McLey was a resident of Cobble Stone for care required because of her Alzheimer’s diagnosis, where she relied on staff for assistance with her activities of daily living, management of her Alzheimer’s, and medication administration.

But in March 2019, McLey was found nude on the floor at Cobble Stone, bleeding from her head. It was found she was left on the floor for 45 minute until emergency responders arrived, and took her to the hospital. There, she received four stiches to her head, and was taken back to Cobble Stone.

Her family filed a complaint with the Department of Social Services, which conducted an investigation. The investigation resulted in Cobble Stone being penalized for health and safety code violations including having caregivers responsible for residents with insufficient knowledge, training, or ability to communicate with emergency personnel.

Following the incident and investigation, Cobble Stone attempted to unlawfully evict McLey for a legally impermissible reason, and was done with malice and oppression.

Chain | Cohn | Clark filed an elder abuse and neglect claim on behalf of McLey and her family.