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Porterville Elder Abuse Lawyers

Busy families can’t always care for their aging loved ones, and many turn to nursing homes or assisted living facilities for help. Unfortunately, such options may fail to appropriately provide for elders, and in some cases, these institutions and their staff actively mistreat vulnerable individuals. Working with a nursing home abuse attorney in Porterville may be the best recourse for families that have been victimized.

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Leveraging Elder Abuse Law

Elder abuse is extremely serious. Older people who are maltreated can experience permanent physical harm, emotional trauma or mental anguish. In some cases, they incur medical bills that subject their families to undue strain. Elder abuse lawyers in Porterville work hard to help affected individuals recover. Unfortunately, elder abuse law can be confusingly complex. Although it addresses many different situations, it’s not a single body of legislation. Our Porterville elder abuse law firm applies knowledge of different practice areas to identify statutes and regulations that preserve the rights of victims and their families.

What Can Porterville Elder Neglect Lawyers Do?

Many cases of elder abuse involve neglect. For instance, a caregiver charged with the safety of a senior may fail to protect them from falls, mistakenly administer the wrong medicine or cause other preventable forms of harm. Porterville elder abuse lawyers that specialize in neglect cases play a vital role in proving who’s at fault for such events. When confronted with charges of wrongdoing, hospitals, homes and care facilities may claim that the incidents in question were beyond their control in an attempt to avoid paying compensation. By carefully examining circumstantial evidence, prior incident history and established safety standards, a nursing home abuse attorney in Porterville can potentially strengthen a victim’s case and improve its chances in court.

Picking Elder Abuse Lawyers in Porterville

Choosing a Porterville elder abuse law firm isn’t just a matter of personal preference. It’s important to select elder law attorneys who have prosecuted and studied similar cases in the past. There’s no set formula for how these legal actions might unfold, so we take a specific, nuanced approach to each one. Our Porterville elder neglect lawyers help families recover by managing cases on their behalf and providing aggressive representation during negotiations and courtroom proceedings.

To discover more about bouncing back from a tragedy involving a beloved elder relative, contact the Porterville elder abuse lawyers at Chain | Cohn | Clark.

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