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Ridgecrest Sex Abuse Lawyers

Ridgecrest sex abuse lawyers at Chain | Cohn | Clark protect children, teens and adults from sexual molestation. It takes a brave family and victim to seek justice, and luckily our Taft and Ridgecrest sex abuse attorneys have years of experience litigating sex offender cases, protecting the identities of family members and helping victims feel safe. So if you or a loved one has been sexually abused in any way, shape or form then please give our team of lawyers a call at (661) 616-9829 straight away.

Sex Abuse by a Sports Coach or Teacher

Sports coaches and teachers have the opportunity to target their victims. When sex abuse by a sports coach or teacher occurs, the coach or teacher may give children gifts and discourage them from talking about the abusive activities. Children may fear of locker rooms or bathrooms or not want to attend school. Sometimes children will have unexplained bruises. Sex abuse leads to emotional, physical and psychological issues, so it is important to seek representation when a victim is sexually abused. Our sports coach and teacher sex abuse lawyers are committed to helping your child and family.

Sex Abuse by a Neighbor or Family Member

When a child or adult is molested by a neighbor or family member, the safe home environment becomes a place to fear. Friend or family member sexual abusers have access to the victim in the home environment, so it is important to protect the victim. Our family member molestation lawyers and Ridgecrest sex abuse attorneys know how to handle the delicate situation of protecting a loved one from another family member or neighbor.

Molestation by a Religious Worker

Molestation by a religious worker can happen when these sexual abusers spend private time with children, women and men. Religious followers may be reluctant to accuse a clergy member of inappropriate touching or molesting. Our priest molestation lawyers in Ridgecrest are skilled at providing representation and investigating the allegations. Sometimes victims do not accuse sex offenders for years, and our priest molestation lawyers in Ridgecrest and Bakersfield realize that the victims suffer trauma that affects them emotionally and impairs their ability to work or pursue normal relationships.

Quality Representation From a Professional Ridgecrest Sex Abuse Lawyer

Whether you are suffering from sex abuse by a neighbor, molestation by a religious worker or sex abuse from a sports coach, our Ridgecrest sex abuse lawyers have the experience to help get compensation for your emotional, physical and psychological trauma. Contact Chain | Cohn | Clark in Ridgecrest for a consultation today to let our family member molestation lawyers and teacher sex abuse lawyers help you navigate the judicial system to get results.

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