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Shafter Oilfield Accident Lawyers

Shafter Oilfield Accident Lawyers

Our Shafter oilfield accident lawyers are always standing by to represent you in a court of law. Have you or a loved one been hurt in a Shafter oilfield accident? If this has happened to you, you need an experienced attorney to represent your interests, and you can find this attorney at the law firm of Chain | Cohn | Clark. They are Shafter oilfield accident lawyers who are prepared to work diligently to ensure that your employers do not trample all over your rights. They are located at 1731 Chester Avenue, Suite 100 in Bakersfield, California 93301. Contact them today at (800) 322-4529.

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Oilfield Injury

Things are going well in the oil industry these days, and many people are currently working. When there are a lot of people employed in this industry, more accidents occur. Oilfields are highly dangerous places, and you or a loved one may have suffered an oilfield injury. Now is the time to make sure that your employer takes responsibility for the damages, and you need someone who knows this area of the law well to help you.

OSHA Regulation

You may have experienced your accident because your employers did not follow an OSHA regulation. For example, they are required to provide you with a safe workplace. They are also prohibited from retaliating against you for reporting your injury or filing a complaint. It will take Shafter oilfield accident attorneys to determine if they followed all of the rules the day you were injured.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

You may have been hurt because of the exposure to toxic chemicals. It was reasonable for you to expect to be protected against this type of danger, and if your employers failed to ensure that your workplace was safe, you may be able to take them to court to compensate you monetarily for the pain you suffered.

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There are many reasons that Shafter oilfield cases are introduced into the court setting. For example, there may have been a vehicle accident or an explosion and a fire. Some workers have been caught in between two dangerous places and were crushed. Others have suffered falls. Whatever the case may be, you need oilfield accident lawyers in Shafter to take on your case. If you have been hurt in an oilfield accident, oilfield accident lawyers in Shafter have the experience you need with Shafter oilfield cases. You may receive back pay and a settlement that will help you survive until you recover from your injuries. Contact the Shafter oilfield accident attorneys at Chain | Cohn | Clark today.

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