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Shafter Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Shafter Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Having a job is vital to financial stability, but what happens when your job is the reason you cannot work? While all employees are entitled to replacement of lost wages, employers do not always provide the support needed. If you have been hurt on the job or have sustained a work related injury, then you need to contact a Shafter workers’ compensation lawyer. For the best chance of earning a workers’ compensation settlement, contact Chain | Cohn | Clark at 661-616-9829. Visit us at Chester Avenue in Bakersfield, California. Remember, we’re your choice for a Shafter workers’ compensation attorney.

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Mandated by the State, workers’ compensation insurance exists to provide a safety net for workers. Through this insurance, employees can receive compensation if they are hurt on the job. A work related injury can prevent willing workers from earning a paycheck. Since the injury is related to the job, employers must make sure that these dedicated workers do not become destitute. By purchasing this insurance, employers create a safety net in case of injury or illness. When workers suffer a work injury, they are able to collect workers’ compensation benefits as a replacement of lost wages.


It is important to know what defines a work related injury. Generally, it is any injury incurred on the job. But, conditions that arise from ongoing work may also qualify. If you need medical care for an acute or chronic condition related to your job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. If an injury requires you to pursue educational and vocational training for a new job, compensation may be in order. Permanent disability is also covered. To learn more about what injuries and illnesses are covered, talk to a Shafter workmans comp lawyer.


Workers who suffer from workplace injuries are entitled compensation by law to make ends meet. If you feel like you have been denied payment, you need a Shafter workman’s comp lawyer. At Chain | Cohn | Clark, we can help you get a workers’ compensation settlement. This money can be used to make ends meet or to pay for educational and vocational training. If you have suffered a permanent disability or any other injury on the job, please do not delay. Contact a Shafter workers’ compensation lawyer at Chain | Cohn | Clark today.

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