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Tehachapi Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

The Tehachapi pedestrian accident lawyers that work for us here at Chain | Cohn | Clark are guaranteed to have the education and experience necessary to handle your case. According to the Los Angeles Times, California leads the nation in the number of pedestrian accident deaths. The publication reported statistics from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, which showed 700 total pedestrian accident deaths in 2014. These included people who were hit by a car in a crosswalk, hit while crossing railroad tracks or hit by a reckless driver.

Common Places To Be Hit By A Car

There are several reasons why people file Tehachapi pedestrian accident claims. Some pedestrians contribute to accidents by wearing dark clothing at night or not paying attention to oncoming traffic. However, many incidents happen because of poor driving practices by motorists. These are some common places to be hit by a car:

  • Crosswalks
  • Railroad tracks
  • School crossings
  • Near parallel-parked vehicles
  • Getting out of a car
  • Parking lots and underground garages

If you are looking for crosswalk lawyers in Tehachapi or Arvin, the attorneys at Chain | Cohn | Clark are here to help. We have helped many clients receive favorable claim settlements after being injured by a driver.

How Do Tehachapi Pedestrian Accident Claims Work?

If you were hit by a reckless driver, our Tehachapi pedestrian accident attorneys can help you file a claim. We review accident details, medical records and your financial situation. You may be required to attend additional medical appointments with our approved doctors. This strengthens your case and helps you get a reasonable settlement. We handle all of the hard work to let you focus on rebuilding your life.

Why Do I Need The Help Of Tehachapi Pedestrian Accident Attorneys?

When you are injured because a driver hits you, your injuries may be lifelong and devastating. The driver’s insurance company will try to offer you a low settlement. This is never enough to cover current and future medical bills, lost time at work and other expenses. Never accept a settlement before speaking with crosswalk lawyers in Tehachapi. If you become disabled, you may need to retrain for a new career. When this happens, we also fight for education expenses. Do not settle for less than what you are entitled to. Chain | Cohn | Clark is here to help by fighting for you. For a free consultation with our Tehachapi pedestrian accident lawyers, please call us today.

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