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Tulare Brain Injury Lawyers

Tulare Brain Injury Lawyers

Our Tulare brain injury lawyers are standing by to represent you and your interests in a court of law. Individuals who sustain trauma don’t always show obvious symptoms. Victims of brain injuries may think they’re fine, yet they can suffer problems ranging from temporary confusion and blurry vision to permanent mood changes or cognitive deficiencies. Because these symptoms are often life changing, many survivors rely on Tulare brain injury lawyers to help them seek legal remedies. For more information regarding brain injuries and the complications that can arise, just click HERE.


When it comes to reliable and affordable Tulare brain injury lawyers, the professionals here at Chain | Cohn | Clark have you covered.

Basic Brain Anatomy

The largest part of the brain, the cerebrum, is composed of four regions called lobes. Experts associate these areas with different functions and information-processing activities, such as vision in the occipital lobe and decision-making in the frontal lobe.

  • The temporal lobe is known to process memories and emotional experiences, while the parietal lobe deals with touch, taste and other senses. Near the lower rear of the brain, the cerebellum plays a role in coordination and balance. At the very bottom, the brain stem links the brain to the spinal cord. It also controls automatic heart rate, breathing and digestion.
  • Tulare Brain Injury Lawsuits – Brain-injury legal actions vary according to the circumstances under which plaintiffs were hurt. For instance, someone who sustains damage to their temporal lobe may exhibit completely distinct symptoms from victims of brain stem injuries. Their medical, financial and lifestyle needs will differ. So will the reasons they might pursue a Tulare brain injury settlement in court. For example, a factory worker whose job accident caused damage to their cerebellum might also suffer cranial nerve damage. This could hinder their ability to see and perform their job duties, thus leading to lost wages.
  • A car crash victim’s family may seek compensation from the truck driver who hit their loved one and put them into a coma or vegetative state.

How Tulare Brain Injury Lawyers Help Victims

Filing a Tulare brain injury settlement goes beyond determining which area was damaged. It’s also important to observe and anticipate how an injury will affect the victim going forward. For instance, accidents that harm the parietal lobe may share symptoms with occipital lobe damage. A frontal lobe injury survivor might also suffer from infections that necessitate further medical intervention. Consulting with an experienced legal representative could make it easier to gather accident footage, medical bills and other evidence. Effective attorneys help victims demonstrate how their negative outcome was caused by their accidents to strengthen their arguments in Tulare brain injury lawsuits.

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Our team of legal professionals here at Chain | Cohn | Clark is always standing by to help you with your brain injury case. We understand that brain injuries are complex and we are ready to meet that challenge. If you’d like to learn more about your options, then just contact the Tulare brain injury lawyers by calling us at (661) 323-4000 or visiting us at 1731 Chester Ave., Suite 100, Bakersfield, CA 93301-5220 today. To learn more about the other areas of law that we are proficient in, just click HERE.


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