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Visalia Elder Abuse Lawyers

Visalia Elder Abuse Lawyers

Our Visalia elder abuse lawyers are always here to provide you with a consultation and to help represent you in a court of law. The unfortunate reality is that elder abuse and nursing homes go hand in hand. That’s why Visalia elder abuse lawyers are in demand at this time. The elderly population is vulnerable because they are completely dependent on their caregivers, and the signs of abuse are not always reported when they need to be.

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Under elder abuse law, a person or entity can be held liable either civilly or criminally. Civil abuse in a nursing home setting is physical abuse, neglect, isolation, abandonment, financial abuse or any action that results in pain or suffering to the individual. It also can mean that the caregiver failed to provide the patient with goods or services that would relieve his or her suffering.


In the event that you suspect that your relative is a victim of elder abuse, you need to contact elder abuse lawyers in Visalia. You also must report the incident right away. Your Visalia elder neglect lawyers can point you in the direction of the correct agency to report the abuse when you have your first meeting.


A Visalia elder abuse law firm that spends a large amount of its time on these types of cases is the type of law firm that you want to hire. The law firm that fits that description is the Law Firm of Chain Cohn Clark, and it is a law firm that is considered to be one of the best in the area. The Signs of Abuse You may be unfamiliar with this issue, but you can determine whether your loved one has been abused before you contact a nursing home abuse attorney in Visalia. If you notice that your loved one is malnourished or dehydrated or seems to have lost weight, these are the signs of abuse or neglect. There may also be bedsores. Sometimes, the patient will even have bruises or broken bones. Your Visalia elder neglect lawyers may ask you many questions about the reason you suspect abuse. For example, you may be asked if your loved one seems depressed or is afraid to speak freely. He or she may appear to be fearful or anxious when you visit.


If you recognize your loved one in the description above, you must contact a nursing home abuse attorney in Visalia today. We want to help you protect your loved one from being hurt and make sure that he or she receives compensation for the pain he or she has endured so far.

If you need help, then please do not hesitate to contact our team of Visalia elder abuse lawyers for a consultation.

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