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Fatal Crashes And Risky Driving On The Rise During The Pandemic

You’d assume that driving would be safer during the pandemic as there are fewer people out on the roads. However, research shows that the exact opposite is true; fatal crashes and risky driving are rising

Teen Driver Safety Best Practices

One of the terrifying things for a parent is the day your child is finally old enough to drive a car. Time flies, doesn’t it? Well, one of the most important things that you and

2020 Bakersfield Walk Like MADD Event Held Virtually This Year

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Bakersfield 2020 Walk Like MADD event will be held virtually this year under the hashtag #OneMADDCalifornia. The event aims to end the 100% preventable crime of drinking while driving.

Officials Cracking Down On Distracted Driving With “U Drive U Text U Pay” Campaign

It’s unfortunate, but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 660,000 drivers are using distracting electronic devices while on the road. What’s even more unfortunate is that those distracted drivers cause a daily

11 Drivers’ Education Scholarships Awarded In New ‘Guided Partners In Safety’ Program

Here at Chain | Cohn | Stiles, we’ve awarded 11 drivers’ education scholarships as part of our new “Guided Partners In Safety Scholarship” (GPS) program. The program supports a new generation of drivers with safety