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Group Law Services

More than 60 years ago, Chain | Cohn | Clark pioneered “Group Law Services” (GLS) to provide quality legal help for working people in Kern County, especially those who belong to local credit unions, labor unions, and service organizations. As part of GLS, members of these institutions and their immediate family members are entitled to free initial consultations, reduced fees if ever in need of help from our law firm, special seminars, and workshops, and other benefits. In 2020, Chain | Cohn | Clark unveiled a mobile app allowing members exclusive access to our attorneys 24/7.

If you are a member of GLS, you can take full advantage of membership benefits today by calling (661) 616-9829, or by downloading the mobile app. If you are currently not a member but are interested in becoming a member, or have questions regarding benefits and the mobile app, please contact the director of marketing & public relations Jorge Barrientos at (661) 334-4948.

Below is a list of just some of the local groups that provide their members with full access to these benefits:

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