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In times of tragedy, clients often have a number of questions regarding their case. To better accommodate our clients’ needs, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers for many of the practice areas that the firm specializes in.

If you have a question about a particular kind of case, the topics below might be able to provide you with useful information. If after reviewing the information above you still have questions, please call the firm at (661) 616-9829.

General Questions—

Get the answers to some of the most common general legal questions we receive at our law firm, answered by Chain | Cohn | Clark senior partner and veteran attorney Matthew Clark.

At Chain | Cohn | Clark, we look for four things in determining whether you have a personal injury case. First, we look for liability—whether someone caused an accident because of their negligence. Second, we check whether you suffered damages—if you were harmed in some way. Third, we consider whether the other person’s lack of care caused your injury. Last, we investigate whether you’ll be able to collect money from the at-fault party if you win the case. If these four elements are present, then you may have a personal injury case worth pursuing.

Chain | Cohn | Clark builds close relationships with clients by providing highly responsive service, legal expertise, and deep roots in the local Bakersfield community, unlike many other firms. This relational approach leads to a personalized and successful legal outcome for each client. Learn more about what makes Chain | Cohn | Clark unique.

Some people think they’ll get better representation for their personal injury claim from a big-city law firm—but the truth is, they may never even meet their lawyer. With Chain | Cohn | Clark, you’ll meet your lawyer on day one. What’s more, we have nearly 90 years of history in Bakersfield, deep roots in Kern County, and the respect of regional judges, lawyers, and insurance professionals. That’s a wealth of reasons to choose Chain | Cohn | Clark over other law firms.

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