Reckless, Alleged Impaired Driver Kills Woman, 66, In Head-On Crash in Southwest Bakersfield

May 10, 2023 | Article by Chain | Cohn | Clark staff | News & Media , At the Firm , Video

Reckless, Alleged Impaired Driver Kills Woman, 66, In Head-On Crash in Southwest Bakersfield

Gayla Sue Price, 66, was simply returning home from buying groceries. Price had stopped in the center turn lane on Campus Drive to drive into her southwest Bakersfield neighborhood when an out-of-control reckless driver crossed into her lane, struck her car head on, and killed her.

That driver’s actions were caught on video by a passenger, which was posted briefly by the passenger on social media.

The driver reached at least 100 mph in a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat before crossing into the opposite lane at 5:44 p.m. on April 18 near Spring Gate Drive, and collided head-on with Price’s Honda Civic, according to a Bakersfield Police investigator’s warrant. Campus Park Drive is a 50mph zone. At one point the driver took his hand off the steering wheel (the driver has one arm), the video showed, which cuts out before the crash.

An independent witness told Chain | Cohn | Clark representatives the driver of the Dodge before the crash had already raced down Campus Park Drive at speeds over 100 mph, traveling westbound and running the posted stop sign at Mountain Vista Drive. The driver of the Dodge then made an illegal U-turn near Buena Vista Road, before speeding back eastbound and colliding with Price. The collision pushed Price’s car approximately 300 feet from the point of impact. The witness confirms that Price was at a complete stop, entirely within the center turn-lane when the driver of the Dodge appeared to lose control and ram into the front of her vehicle. The driver and passengers of the Dodge were taken to the hospital with major injuries. Passengers told investigators the driver had also ingested cannabis wax before the crash.

“Too many drivers are using our public roads as a private racetrack, leading to tragic results,” said Matt Clark, managing partner and attorney at Chain | Cohn | Clark. “Now we have another innocent family who has been victimized by a negligent, reckless driver in our community. Despite recent legislation to address street racing and sideshows, these activities continue to plague our community.”

Price’s daughter Crystal and son Elve – accompanied by attorney Matt Clark – spoke to the media about Price the mother and grandmother, the investigation, and our community’s ongoing problem with sideshows and reckless driving.

Her GoFundMe page described Gayla as follows:

“Gayla was a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and just a overall amazing person. She was the life of the party. She was always dancing to her oldies, she loved her oldies. She loved to go camping with her family. She dreamed of going to Ireland, something that will never happen now. Our mother’s car was hit head on by a speeding car. Taking her instantly. She was so beautiful inside and out. If you ever met her, you would know how contagious her smile and personality was. To know her was to love her.”

Price leaves behind two children and 10 grandchildren.


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