Bakersfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Bakersfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

It seems like every week we hear about accidents involving pedestrians on the streets of Kern County. The Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers at Chain | Cohn | Stiles can help those who may not understand their rights. Our pedestrian accident lawyers in Bakersfield are well-versed in this area of law. We can protect your rights even when you are unable to fight on your own behalf. So don’t hesitate. Give us a call at (661) 616-9829 to schedule a consultation today! Or, if you prefer, you can always visit us at 1731 Chester Ave., Suite 100, Bakersfield, CA 93301-5220.

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Pedestrians are often hit near railroad tracks where traffic flows are irregular. If you or someone you know was hit by a car, the services of Bakersfield pedestrian accident attorneys can be invaluable. A reckless driver can cause irreparable harm to people who are walking. Rehabilitation can be expensive. But, filing Bakersfield pedestrian accident claims can help you get the financial resources to deal with these costs. Our track record for advocacy is consistent, and we would be honored to help you or your family during those trying times.

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Documentation is one of the most important aspects of Bakersfield pedestrian accident claims. These documents can help you establish your case. Although the circumstances of the collision could be affected by the rules governing pathways, our Bakersfield pedestrian accident attorneys can navigate those issues.

Bakersfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

A reckless driver can do immense damage when they lose control of their vehicle for any reason. The laws protect pedestrians against the actions of aggressive drivers, and our lawyers in Bakersfield can pursue every legal avenue available to protect the rights of pedestrians who were hit by a car, whether on a cross walk or roadway. Time is an important factor in every legal case, so always keep our number in a place that is easy to remember.

When it comes to professional quality representation in a court of law, you can always rely on our team of Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian deaths in the United States have hit a 30-year high, according to new data, and California is seeing a jump in death rates that are well above national averages.

In fact, pedestrian deaths in California jumped 12% in the first half of last year, well above the national average increase of 3%, according to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association, a non-profit that works to improve roadway safety. In all, more than 6,500 pedestrians were killed in 2019 in the United States, the highest number since 1988.

A CDC study stated another 129,000 pedestrians were treated in the emergency care, and that nearly half (48%) of all pedestrian accidents were related to alcohol use.

In Kern County, Pedestrian Accidents Are Far Too Common

Did you know that Kern County California is one of the most dangerous areas of the state for pedestrians?

Bakersfield and Kern County seen the number of pedestrian accidents rise to an alarming rate. In a study last year, Bakersfield ranked as the seventh deadliest city in the United States for pedestrians. Between 2008 to 2017, Bakersfield saw a total of 247 pedestrian deaths, bringing the annual pedestrian fatality rate to 2.83 per 100,000 residents, according to the report titled “Dangerous By Design” by Smart Growth America. While the number of pedestrians has only increased by a mere 1 percent during the past decade, Bakersfield saw fatalities of pedestrians rise an astounding 35.4 percent.

Bakersfield was the only California city ranked in the top 23 worst cities for pedestrians, according to that study that looked at pedestrian safety in cities of different sizes, density, and rates of walking.

Pedestrian Deaths – A Growing Problem

California had 1.31 deaths per 100,000 people. That ranked it as the ninth most dangerous state, behind New Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, South Carolina, Arizona, Louisiana and Nevada.  According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (summarized in this article), the high accident rates can be primarily attributed to three causes:

  • SUVs: Pedestrians struck by a large SUV are twice as likely to be killed as those hit by a car. Over the past 10 years, the number of pedestrian deaths involving SUVs went up 81%, well above the increase in passenger-car related deaths.
  • Speeding or Unsafe Behavior: Alcohol impairment — by either the driver or pedestrian — was involved in nearly half the crashes that led to fatalities in 2018.
  • Visibility: Over the past decade, nighttime pedestrian deaths went up 67%. Daytime fatalities were up 16%.

Another reason includes smartphones, which have been a source of cognitive and visual distraction for all road users, pedestrian or otherwise. Additionally, road designs continue to be tailored to drivers only, and are not taking pedestrian safety into account, and wide lanes with high speed limits and few sidewalks are also to blame.

Common Pedestrian Accident Locations in Bakersfield

Some of the roads with the highest rate of pedestrian accidents in Bakersfield include:

  • Union Avenue between Brundage Lane and 21st Street.
  • Wible Road and New Stine between White Lane and Stockdale Highway.
  • Ming Avenue between Hughes Lane and Gosford Road.
Pedestrian Accident Facts

47 Killed & 473 InjuredKern County Pedestrians in 2015-2018 alone


247 pedestrian deathsBetween 2008 to 2017 in Bakersfield, earning Bakersfield the 7th deadliest city for Pedestrians


In 2017, there were21 Deaths & 49 Collisionsinvolving injuries or fatalities pedestrians have suffered in Bakersfield


In 2016, pedestrians suffered867 Deaths & 14,000+ Injurieson California roadways alone


Since 2012, pedestrian deaths have increased by nearly33%growing substantially faster than any other type of traffic-related death


In all, pedestrians have suffered6,500 Deathsin 2019 in the United States, the highest number since 1988


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