Why Choose a Local Law Firm Over an L.A. or National Firm?

August 8, 2023 | Article by Chain | Cohn | Clark staff | Tips & Information

Why Choose a Local Law Firm Over an L.A. or National Firm?

We’ll admit it: Los Angeles has some things over Bakersfield and Kern County. We don’t have Hollywood, beaches, the Lakers, or the Dodgers. And sometimes a big-city business is the way to go, even in the legal arena.

Are you looking to seal a billion-dollar corporate merger or embroiled in a trademark dispute? Then, by all means, hire the L.A. or national law firm.

But if you or a loved one were injured in Kern County because of someone else’s negligence, we’d make the case that you’re far better off coming to Chain | Cohn | Clark for help than calling a glitzier L.A. practice.

They Have Branches—We Have Roots

Big-city law firms often boast about their multiple locations—Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego; maybe even New York. But if they work in Bakersfield, it’s out of a branch office.

Chain | Cohn | Clark, on the other hand, has deep roots in Bakersfield and the other areas we serve throughout Kern County.

A Bakersfield Institution for Almost Ninety Years

Our firm was founded in Bakersfield in 1934 by Morris Chain. A Russian immigrant who went to high school and college in Bakersfield, Chain began his legal practice at the height of the Great Depression after graduating from law school at the University of Southern California. Working long hours as he forged a legal practice from the ground up, Chain earned a name for himself by fighting for justice for “the little guys.”

Bakersfield Roots

Although we’re happy to welcome you to the Central Valley if you’re a transplant, we’re proud of the fact that our firm has deep roots in Bakersfield and the surrounding areas:

  • All five of Chain | Cohn | Clark’s partners went to high school in Bakersfield: West, Garces Memorial, and Highland.
  • Two of our five partners also attended Cal State Bakersfield for their undergraduate education.

A Legacy of Community Involvement

As the firm has grown and developed over the last nine decades, we’ve built a reputation for fair dealing and carried on Morris Chain’s legacy of community involvement and service:

Your Kern County Personal Injury Lawsuit Won’t Be Tried in L.A.

If you were injured in a car accident in Bakersfield or a work accident in Tulare, and you’re pursuing a personal injury claim, the settlement negotiations or jury trial won’t happen in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York. They’ll happen right here in Kern County.

An L.A. or national law firm won’t have a leg up on an experienced local law firm like Chain | Cohn | Clark—they’ll actually be at a disadvantage:

  • With decades of local practice behind them, our lawyers know the ins and outs of the local court system and every nuance of county and city ordinances.
  • They have established professional relationships with court personnel, opposing counsel, and insurance company representatives.
  • They have a reputation for not backing down and fighting for what’s right—a signal to everyone involved that your case should be taken seriously.

The work our team has done has been recognized repeatedly by the community and by our colleagues in the legal profession:

Chain Law attorneys

Does Your Lawyer Say, “Here’s My Number?” or “Take a Number?”

At Chain | Cohn | Clark, we’re crystal clear about our practice areas, all of which center around helping those who’ve been harmed through no fault of their own seek justice as they work to put their lives back together.

Personal Injury Law Is Inherently Personal

We know that if you walk through our doors or call us for a free consultation, you’re coming to us for help because something happened to you—property damage, an injury, or perhaps even the death of a family member.

You may be in great need of a fair insurance settlement, disability benefits, or to hold a person or entity accountable for negligence. But you have so much more going on—keeping medical appointments, adjusting to life with a chronic condition, or grieving a loss.

So, yes, we’re experienced, professional, and eminently competent. But you are at the center of everything we do. We want to take the burden of your personal injury claim, help you get the settlement or jury award you deserve, and put you on track to rebuild your life.

Bigger Is More Impersonal

The larger an organization grows, the more impersonal it becomes. For example, the DMV isn’t a place where everybody knows your name—you’re just a number.

If you choose a big-city law firm to represent you, you’ll likely never meet your lawyer in person. And if the firm’s offices are in L.A., you’ve got a two-hour drive without traffic to get there.

When you’re represented by Chain | Cohn | Clark, you’ll meet your attorney and work with them from day one. Even more, you can get in touch with your attorney by phone, text, or email when you have questions.

We’re your law firm, but we’re also your neighbors.

Local Law Firm, Big-Time Results

If you’re still wondering whether a local law firm is right for you, we’ll close our case with this: No practice in Kern County has earned more multimillion-dollar results for their clients than we have.

Contact Chain | Cohn | Clark today for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your case.