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Drunk Driving Victims

Every 53 minutes someone is killed in a drunk driving crash, and every 90 seconds, someone is injured due to an impaired driver. Alcohol is a factor in 6% of all traffic accidents and over 40% of all fatal crashes. And in Kern County, law enforcement officers arrest nearly 12 motorists per day who are driving under the influence.

In a civil case involving a crash at the fault of a drunk driver, a plaintiff is entitled to punitive damages, which are awarded to both punish the defendant and deter similar future behavior. For a plaintiff to be awarded punitive damages in a drunk driving case, he or she must show 1) that the driver voluntarily drank alcohol to the point of intoxication knowing that he or she would be driving; 2) that the driver was aware of the probable dangerous consequences of his or her conduct, and 3) that the driver willfully and deliberately failed to avoid those consequences.

The Bakersfield car accident lawyers at Chain | Cohn | Clark have significant experience in dealing with cases involving victims of impaired driving crashes. If you or someone you know has been injured because of an impaired driver, contact our law firm immediately.

To learn more about the work of Chain | Cohn | Clark with victims of DUI crash victims and MADD Kern County, click here.

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