Sanchez v. LINN Energy

July 15, 2022 | Article by Chain | Cohn | Clark staff

This case arises out of an industrial injury sustained by Plaintiff Salvador Sanchez that occurred on an oil lease owned by Defendants Berry Petroleum Company, LLC and Linn Operating, Inc.

At the time of his injury, Mr. Sanchez was assigned to a tank cleaning crew. In order to clean the tank the crew had to open 1,800-pound manway cover door, During cleaning operations, the cleaning crew would “swing” the manway cover door open or closed. Mr. Sanchez pulled on the bottom of the manway cover door to open it further so as to get a better angle with his high pressure washer. At that point, the eye bolt supporting the 1,800-pound manway cover door failed and the manway cover door fell on Mr. Sanchez causing serious and crushing injuries to his right leg and right knee.