Silva v. County of Kern

September 10, 2020 | Article by Chain | Cohn | Clark staff

On the night of May 7, 2013, David Sal Silva fell asleep in front of a home in east Bakersfield, across from Kern Medical Center. Several law enforcement officers arrived on scene and proceeded to use unreasonable and excessive force in striking Silva with batons several times all over his body, while he screamed for his life and repeatedly begged the officers to stop. After being repeatedly beaten, bitten and hog-tied, Silva stopped breathing. And shortly after midnight, Silva was taken to Kern Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. These events and those that followed after this night made international news, including the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Chain | Cohn | Clark on behalf of Silva’s family in 2013, to the settlement reached in May 2016.

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