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Electronic Cigarette Explosion Lawyers

E-Cigarette Explosion Lawyers

Our electronic cigarette explosion lawyers here at Chain | Cohn | Clark are always standing by to help represent you and your interests in a court of law. If you have suffered burns, injury or property damage due to an exploding vaporizer (electronic cigarette or e-cigarette), then you may be entitled to compensation. These unregulated e-cigarettes are potentially dangerous and the manufacturers need to be held responsible for their possible negligence. If you have suffered from an exploding vaporizer, then please do not hesitate to contact our electronic cigarette explosion lawyers.

E-Cigarettes Are Increasing In Popularity

The American Lung Association has recently stated that use of electronic cigarettes by young people has surpassed the use of traditional, paper and tobacco cigarettes. While many believe these to be a safer alternative to smoking, they were unaware of the potential dangers associated with an unregulated electronic device. With the increasing popularity of these devices, we can expect to see more and more cases of injury and property damage from them until the products are regulated and kept to strict safe manufacturing protocols. Many of these products have already shown that the danger is very real. E-cigarettes (especially their lithium ion batteries) are unsafe and consumers were not adequately informed about these dangers. If you have suffered unduly from these unregulated e-cigarettes, then please contact our exploding vaporizer law firm.

Unregulated E-Cigarettes

Unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, or “vapes”, are not currently under regulation from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This means that unsafe products may be being released on the public without their prior knowledge. So if you have suffered any kind of injury or property damage from an unregulated e-cigarette or e-cigarette battery/charger, then pick up the phone and contact our reliable team of e-cigarette burn attorneys.

Your E-Cigarette Burn Attorneys

Our team of e-cigarette burn attorneys has the education, experience and desire to represent you and your burn case in a court of law. We have been the choice firm for personal injuries for years and we always come highly recommended. We represent our clients aggressively with our sights set on a successful case. When manufacturer’s products are unsafe and causing harm, we’re here to stand up for the consumer. If you have been injured or had property damaged from an exploding vaporizer, then a quality Chain | Cohn | Clark exploding e-cigarette attorney is always just a phone call away. So please, call our reliable firm for a complimentary consultation today.

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