March 21, 2018 | Article by Chain | Cohn | Clark staff

Chain | Cohn | Clark has nearly 90 years of history in Bakersfield, deep roots in Kern County, and the respect of regional judges, lawyers, and insurance professionals. But to us, the biggest reason to choose our local law firm over other firms is how we treat people:

  • We can’t take away all the pain you’re feeling, physical or emotional. But we do our best to make you feel welcome and cared for. You’ll have an advocate who won’t back down from fighting on your behalf.
  • From your first appointment with us, you’ll meet with your lawyer. When you have questions about your case, you can contact your lawyer by phone, text, email, or a face-to-face meeting.
  • We prioritize communication. Although we’ll handle filings, depositions, and negotiations for you, the bottom line is that it’s your case. We want you to understand what’s happening and be able to make informed decisions.

If you want to hear what past clients have to say about us, take a few minutes to watch some testimonials or read a few reviews. Here’s a sample:

  • One client wasn’t sure we’d be interested in his 82-year-old father’s wrongful death case. “There was actually, I believe, two attorneys present, and they spent about an hour with me,” he says, referring to his first meeting at Chain | Cohn | Clark. “I felt, ‘Hey, for the first time someone’s listening. They sat an entire hour with me. They’re listening, they’re taking notes, they’re interested.’ . . . I finally felt like I had somebody on my side, somebody that could take on a system that I was very unfamiliar with.”
  • Another client tried to handle her own case for a year while dealing with pain from car accident injuries. She was hounded by phone calls from aggressive insurance company representatives until she came to Chain | Cohn | Clark. “Everything changed once I signed the contract with the firm,” she says. “The calls stopped. I was no longer harassed. And they took care of everything. Every time I had to meet with anybody from the other side, I always had somebody with me. They took all the pressure away from me.”
  • Another client chose Chain | Cohn | Clark after an improperly marked construction zone caused a serious motorcycle accident. “It feels good,” he says, speaking about his experience with Senior Partner Matt Clark. “It feels like you’re protected, like someone’s fighting for you . . . like you’re not alone.” The crux of the matter: “Your lawyer matters. If you don’t get someone that can be taken seriously, you won’t be taken seriously.”

What About Big-City Law Firms?

We run into two misconceptions about big-city law firms from L.A. or San Francisco:

  1. Big-city firms are better because they practice in larger cities.
  2. Big-city firms have the upper hand in dealing with Kern County or Bakersfield businesses or government entities.

These ideas simply aren’t true.

First, bigger often means more impersonal, which is exactly what you don’t want in a personal injury case. We’ve had many clients come to us after growing frustrated with out-of-town firms. After a year, some have never met their attorney, they can’t get anyone to return a phone call, and their case is going nowhere. And forget about meeting in person—who has time to drive to L.A. or San Francisco?

Second, Chain | Cohn | Clark’s reputation in Kern County and Bakersfield means that local lawyers, insurance professionals, court employees, businesses, and government entities all immediately know you have quality representation and that your case must be taken seriously.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

If you were injured in an accident, we strongly recommend that you hire a local lawyer. Chain | Cohn | Clark has been voted “Best Personal Injury Law Firm” for two years running in a poll conducted by The Bakersfield Californian. If you have a personal injury claim, the attorney you choose to represent you can make all the difference. To help you decide, we offer free, no-obligation consultations.

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