Tulare Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Tulare Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Have you been the victim of sexual harassment in your workplace or school? If so, contact us at the law firm of Chain | Cohn | Stiles. Visit our lawyers at 1731 Chester Ave., Suite 100 in Bakersfield, Ca 93301. You can also get in touch with us by giving us a call at (800) 322-4529. So don’t hesitate. Get in touch with our team of Tulare sexual harassment lawyers for a consultation today.

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The Tulare Sexual Harassment Lawyers To Turn To

Sexual harassment is something that people don’t like to talk about, but this situation cannot be allowed to continue. You must discuss it with one of our Tulare sexual harassment lawyers so that the abuse can stop. You may have missed work and lost pay because of it. You may have lost your job because of what has been going on in your workplace. These unfortunate circumstances may have also caused you to experience emotional distress. After you have contacted one of our lawyers, we will be able to get the process started.


1:Talk To the Person Harrassing

step one

2:Refer To Employment Manual

step two

3:Notify Human Resources

step three

1: First, tell the person harassing you to stop. You may do so in person, but you should also put your request in writing; for example, in the form of an email.
2: If this does not work, or if you are uncomfortable about taking such action, consult your employment manual. You need to follow the protocol laid out in the employment manual.
3: If it does not exist, you should notify your human resources department or your supervisor, and inform them – in person, and in writing – about the sexual harassment.

If the harassment persists, even despite taking the above steps, then you should contact an attorney immediately to weigh your options.

Professional Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Tulare

Our experienced sexual harassment lawyers in Tulare are always here to help. We can tell you if your particular circumstances are actually sexual harassment or not. For example, employers have offered their employees promotions in exchange for sexual favors. In other cases, people have been shown explicit pictures. They may have also been touched inappropriately by a co-worker or employer. You may have been sexually harassed if someone in your workplace made unwelcome comments about your body or addressed sexually suggestive notes to you. In this instance, you are entitled to file a sexual harassment lawsuit in Tulare.

Filing a Tulare Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Our attorneys will file a Tulare sexual harassment lawsuit to compensate you for the wrongs that have been committed against you. If you prevail in court, you could be entitled to damages that will be paid by your employer or co-worker. These damages can include any money that you lost because you missed work as a result of the harassment. If you suffered any emotional distress, you may also receive damages for pain and suffering. Finally, you could also receive an amount in punitive damages that are meant to punish the defendant for his or her actions.

A Tulare Sexual Harassment Lawyer You Can Rely On

If you are ready to put an end to this unpleasant situation today, contact a Tulare sexual harassment lawyer at the law firm of Chain | Cohn | Stiles. It is time for you to file a sexual harassment lawsuit in Tulare so that you can have your day in court.

Get in touch with our team of professional and reliable Tulare sexual harassment lawyers for a legal representation today.