Veteran Investigator Joins Chain | Cohn | Clark As New Personal Injury Attorney (Juan Garza)

August 23, 2023 | Article by Chain | Cohn | Clark staff | At the Firm , Video

Veteran Investigator Joins Chain | Cohn | Clark As New Personal Injury Attorney (Juan Garza)

Juan Garza, a veteran licensed private investigator, has joined Chain | Cohn | Clark as an associate attorney focusing on accident and injury cases.

Before joining Chain | Cohn | Clark, Juan worked as a children’s behavioral health case manager as well as a CPS emergency response social worker in Kern County. For 16 years, he worked at the Kern County Public Defender’s Office where he conducted complex criminal defense investigations, interviewed witnesses and other individuals, diagramed alleged crime scenes, and trained and mentored other investigators. He also represented clients in criminal court proceedings, developed defense strategies, and negotiated favorable plea agreements as a deputy public defender.

Juan was raised in Arvin, graduating from Arvin High School. He attended CSU Bakersfield where he earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology, graduated Cum Laude, and was a member of National Honor Society. He earned his Juris Doctorate from Oak Brook College of Law, where he participated in Appellate Advocacy, honing courtroom advocacy skills.

Juan is fluent in Spanish. Contact him by visiting Watch a video about him below.


“I’m born and raised in Kern County. Born in Bakersfield, grew up in Arvin. Arvin is a small farming community. My parents, both of my parents were farm laborers. Actually, my first job at 15 and a half years old was working out in the grape vineyards.

“I’ve been local my whole life. I graduated from Arvin High School. I attended California State University of Bakersfield where I majored in psychology. I minored in criminal justice, but at the age of 36, I enrolled in law school. So I went through that pretty seamlessly. I studied for the bar exam, passed on my first attempt.

“Thing is, it’s not really a pause because I have a family. I have two young boys that I’m raising at the time, but it was very special for me to have them see me go through it so that they could understand the importance of an education and where an education can take you.

“One thing early on in my life after watching my parents kind of provide, give everything they had and sacrifice for me was to be a civil servant. That was always my goal was to give back to the underserved, to the less privileged, to the marginalized of our society. And so from a young age that was very important to me to be in a career of service.

“You know, being born and raised in Kern County, I grew up seeing the commercials, going from Chain-Younger, Chain Cohn Stiles, Chain Cohn Clark. So growing up, they were the law firm in the community, in my mind. And to have an opportunity to be here has surpassed my expectations. It’s an honor to be working with this great group of attorneys. And one of the main reasons that I decided to come here, these attorneys are here serving others, making sure we’re helping other people. So it’s in that same role that I’ve always wanted. And then this is a great place. These guys are here for the right reasons.

Bryan Stevenson says that the opposite of poverty is not wealth, but that the opposite of poverty is justice.”


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