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Workers’ Comp Claim Filing Process

The workers’ compensation claim filing process can seem daunting and complicated. That’s why it’s always good to have a team of dedicated workers’ compensation lawyers on your side to help you through the many different complications associated with any form of claim filing process. From the initial injury report to your settlement, our Chain | Cohn | Stiles Bakersfield workers’ compensation lawyers have you covered. If you would like more detailed information regarding California workers’ compensation law, then visit the official Web page.


Step One: File An Injury Report

The very first step in the workers’ compensation claim filing process is to file an injury report with your employer. Without filing an injury report, there is no legal record of your work injury. This should always be the first step in the claim process because otherwise, there will be no official record of the injury and proceeding with the case will be exceptionally difficult. Never wait to file your report, either. Always get the paperwork done as close to the date of the injury as possible.

Step Two: File Your Compensation Claim

After you have filed your injury report with your employer, you must file a workers’ compensation claim. Be very descriptive in your claim. Include in your claim things like names of witnesses to the injury, medical records and any other details that pertain to your injury and case. The more detailed you are in your report, the more weight your case will likely carry.

Step Three: Get A Medical Exam

Often, the employer and/or their insurance provider will require that you, the injured party, to undergo a medical examination. This is so that they can determine whether or not your injury claim is valid. If eligible, the insurance company should allocate benefits.

Generally, after this initial medical examination, it is a good idea to seek a second opinion. Unfortunately, there have been situations where the medical examiner chosen by the employer and/or their insurance company has been extremely biased. Getting a second professional medical examination helps to keep that from happening.

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If any of the aforementioned steps seem a little daunting, or if benefits are not being provided, don’t fret; our team of Bakersfield workers’ compensation lawyers is made up of workers’ compensation experts that can help you through the mountain of paperwork and legal terminology. So, if you have been hurt on the job and believe you are eligible for workers’ compensation, then do not hesitate to contact us at Chain | Cohn | Stiles for a Bakersfield workers’ compensation consultation.

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