Chain | Cohn | Clark welcomes back Bakersfield College students

August 26, 2014 | Article by Chain | Cohn | Clark staff | At the Firm , Community Service , Tips & Information

Chain | Cohn | Clark welcomes back Bakersfield College students

Bakersfield College is welcoming back students this week for the 2014-15 school year, and Chain | Cohn | Clark is proud to join in the welcoming party.

The Bakersfield personal injury law firm Chain | Cohn | Clark is informing Bakersfield College students and staff of the benefits they can receive as part of the Group Law Service partnership between the college and the law firm.

As part of the Group Law Services partnership, students and staff at Bakersfield College get the following benefits and services:

  • Free initial consultation.
  • Free notary service: Simply call our office and make an appointment.
  • 24-hour legal hotline: Bakersfield College students and staff can simply call our 24-hour number (661-323-4000).
  • Reduced legal fees.

Bakersfield College is “holding steady” in year-over-year enrollment, according to media reports. Student enrollment for the fall semester is 17,500, which will increase in the first weeks of the semester. BC also added 16 courses and hired 14 new faculty this fall, reported.

The Bakersfield Californian reported that BC enrollment has increased by between 500 and 700 students for the last three years.

As thousands of students and staff readjust to school life, you can find a Chain | Cohn | Clark informational table during the college’s Welcome Week in the foyer in Campus Center, near the cafeteria and Fireside Room, on campus. Chain | Cohn | Clark will be handing out goodies to students and staff, and answering any questions they may have about the law firm and services and benefits offered through Group Law Services.


Group Law Services

Chain | Cohn | Clark pioneered Group Law Services more than 45 years ago to provide quality legal help for working people in Kern County, including those who belong to local credit unions, labor unions and service organizations.

For a list of Group Law Services partners, go HERE.

If you are currently not a member but are interested in becoming a member and partner with Chain | Cohn | Clark, please direct membership requests to Chain | Cohn | Clark Marketing Director Jorge Barrientos at 661-323-4000.