Holiday Cheers For Driving Safety: MADD, Local Partners Urge Sober Driving During Dangerous Holiday Season (‘Illuminate’ Campaign)

December 5, 2023 | Article by Chain | Cohn | Clark staff | At the Firm , Tips & Information

Holiday Cheers For Driving Safety: MADD, Local Partners Urge Sober Driving During Dangerous Holiday Season (‘Illuminate’ Campaign)

The holiday season brings festivities and cheer, but it also a troubling number of impaired driving incidents.

More than 21 million instances of drunk driving on U.S. roadways are expected for the holiday period (between November 1 and January 1), according to data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. To combat the problem, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has launched a new campaign called “ToGetThere” urging Americans to take action against impaired driving this holiday season. And to coincide with the campaign, MADD California is inviting community partners to join on Dec. 6 to “Illuminate” homes or places of business in red to remember victims of drunk and drugged driving crashes.

In Kern County, MADD Kern County’s partners Chain | Cohn | Clark and the County of Kern’s Administrative Building will be shining red. Outside of Kern, Los Angeles City Hall, LAX, Los Angeles 6th Street Bridge, and other areas will illuminate red. See them all on Facebook and Instagram (@MADDCalifornia) with the hashtags #OneMADDCalifornia, #RedforMADDCA, and #NoMoreVictims.

“Please join us as we honor and remember, in solidarity, all the victims whose lives have been forever changed by this 100% preventable crime, and draw attention to ways we can all prevent future impaired driving tragedies,” said Carla Pearson, MADD Kern County victim service specialist.

The ToGetThere campaign features a PSA showcasing real families impacted by impaired driving, digital ads, and a pledge ToGetThere safely, which people can take by visiting MADD’s website and sharing on social media channels to signal that they are available to help others get home safely.

MADD engaged market research and analytics company The Harris Poll to conduct a survey to get a better sense of American sentiment around the issue of impaired driving and how to communicate with consumers going forward, according to PRWeek. The study found that 34% of Americans admit to having driven a car after consuming alcohol or other drugs when they weren’t entirely sure it was safe for them to get behind the wheel. Nearly half of the 2,073 adults ages 18 and older surveyed reported they’ve been involved in a crash that involved an impaired driver, or knew someone who has.

The ToGetThere campaign follows and replaces MADD’s Tie One On For Safety campaign, which called on drivers to display a MADD “designate a driver” red ribbon, magnet or decal on their vehicle.

“During the holiday season, a great present we can give to our loved ones and ourselves is the commitment to never drive impaired,” said Chain | Cohn | Clark managing partner and attorney Matt Clark. “Let’s ensure our celebrations are filled with joy, and ensure that the roads remain safe for everyone this holiday season.”



The holiday season should be a time of joy and celebration, not tragedy. Follow these safety tips to help prevent impaired driving and ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.

Plan Ahead: If you’re going to a party or event where alcohol will be served, designate a sober driver or arrange for alternative transportation in advance. This could include using a rideshare service, public transportation, or having a friend or family member pick you up.

Use a Designated Driver: Choose someone who will commit to staying sober for the evening and ensure they have a plan for getting everyone home safely.

Know Your Limits: Keep track of how much you’ve consumed, and avoid excessive drinking. Alcohol affects individuals differently, so it’s crucial to gauge your own tolerance.

Offer Non-Alcoholic Alternatives: If you’re hosting a holiday gathering, make sure to provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverage options for your guests. Offering enticing alternatives like mocktails, sparkling water, and soft drinks can help reduce the temptation to drink and drive.

Encourage Responsible Behavior: As a host or partygoer, you can play a role in preventing impaired driving by encouraging responsible behavior. If you see someone who has had too much to drink, offer them a safe ride home or help them find an alternative means of transportation.

Be a Responsible Passenger: If you’re not the one driving, it doesn’t mean you’re exempt from responsibility. Be a responsible passenger by ensuring the driver is sober and alert. If you have any concerns about the driver’s condition, speak up and suggest an alternative way home.

Avoid Distractions: During the holiday season, it’s common for people to be in a rush, use their phones, or engage in other distractions while driving. Stay focused on the road and avoid using your phone to text or make calls.

Stay Alert for Impaired Drivers: While you strive to be a responsible driver, it’s also crucial to stay cautious on the road. Keep an eye out for signs of impaired driving in other motorists, such as swerving, erratic speed, or delayed reactions. If you encounter an impaired driver, keep a safe distance and report them to the authorities if necessary.




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