April 5, 2022 | At the Firm , Video

Kern County’s Oldest Personal Injury Law Firm Changed To ‘Chain | Cohn | Clark’

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Kern County’s Oldest Personal Injury Law Firm Changed To ‘Chain | Cohn | Clark’

Kern County’s oldest accident and injury law firm is changing names from Chain | Cohn | Stiles to “Chain | Cohn | Clark” as senior partner and accident attorney Matt Clark takes on a leadership role.

The new name holds true to its roots, while highlighting its leadership as it stands today. Morris Chain, who founded the law firm in 1934 in downtown Bakersfield, died in 1977. David Cohn has worked as an attorney under the Chain firm for over 47 years, serving as managing partner for 15 years. Matt Clark is in his 16th year at the Chain firm but has been in practice in Bakersfield for 20 years. David Stiles retired in 2015, and now lives at California’s Central Coast.

“For nearly 90 years our law firm has provided legal help to those people who have been injured – this makes us one of the oldest injury law firms in California,” said Clark. “I am honored to be included in the long tradition of lawyers who have been part of this firm, and I am committed to making certain that we continue to provide the very best legal representation to those in our community.”

Since its start, the law firm has been at the forefront of the civil justice system in the Central Valley, advocating for workplace safety and justice for injured victims. Its legal work has led to safer workplaces, changes in policies and practices of public departments, private companies, and elder care facilities, and justice for victims and their families in wrongful death cases.

The firm has held many names over the years, bearing the surnames of Kern County’s most well-known law practitioners. It was known as Chain-Younger – named after late esteemed partner Milt Younger, who spent 53 years at the firm – from the 80s through the 90s. Since the 60s, several attorney surnames have followed Mr. Chain’s, which remained at the forefront even after he died, as a symbol to his local civic and community efforts, and his mission for standing up for the everyday person.

“Those guiding principles are included in everything we do at our law firm, and that won’t change now with the name change, or ever,” said Clark. “Morris Chain spent his career standing up for justice for everyday people like you and me. That has served as our philosophy for nearly 90 years, and that will never change.”


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