MADD Awards Officers, Prosecutors, Community Members For Work Against Kern County DUI Crimes

June 29, 2022 | Article by Chain | Cohn | Clark staff | Awards & Recognition , At the Firm

MADD Awards Officers, Prosecutors, Community Members For Work Against Kern County DUI Crimes

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, California, recognized and honored Kern County and Fresno law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and other community members on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at Bakersfield Marriott for their valiant efforts in helping stop DUI crimes.

Law Office of Chain | Cohn | Clark was proud to participate in the 2022 MADD Law Enforcement & Prosecutors Recognition Awards, with senior partner Matt Clark providing a welcome message to the audience and honorees, and introducing the emcee Kallyn Hobmann, news anchor for 23ABC Bakersfield. Clark is a founding member of the MADD Kern County Advisory Board, and a previous winner of the MADD California Pursuit of Justice award.

“I have all too aware of life-changing and life-saving work that you all in this room do every day,” said Clark to the crowd.

Impaired driving accounts for about 30 percent of traffic deaths in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Since 2009, Kern County has seen at least 4,000 DUI arrests made each year, according to the Kern County District Attorney’s Office. That’s more than 11 DUI arrests per day. For the rate of DUI-related fatal collisions per 100,000 people, Kern County ranks highest in the state and second highest in the nation.

See the list of all Kern County honorees below, as well as select award winners, and local media coverage of the event:



Names of honorees, along with number of arrests and agency

Matthew Aquino: 134 (Bakersfield Police Department)

Dallas Plotner: 98 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Rodney Black: 90 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Michael Reynolds: 74 (Bakersfield Police Department)

Ahearn Lucas: 67 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Lorenzo Valdovinos: 63 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Dustin Oblonsky: 61 (California Highway Patrol, Mojave)

Jose Guzman Torres: 55 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Freddie Garcia: 54 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Erik Davis: 52 (California Highway Patrol, Mojave)

Nicholas Barry: 50 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Matthew  Iturriria: 49 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Matthew Iturriria: 49 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Tyler Ogden: 48 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Julia Villalobos: 48 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Jessie   Velasquez: 48 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Joshua Sanchez: 46 (Bakersfield Police Department)

Anthony Kidwell: 45 (Bakersfield Police Department)

Andrew Marquez: 44  (Bakersfield Police Department)

Ruben Sanchez: 44 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Johnny Moreno: 40  (Bakersfield Police Department)

Jeremy Wolter: 40 (Bakersfield Police Department)

Alberto De La Torre: 40 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Victor Valadez: 40 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Dusty Osmanson: 39 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Jesus Vazquez: 39 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Arturo Aldrete: 37 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Eric Medrano: 37 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Jarrod Bone: 37 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Brandon Chitty: 35 (California Highway Patrol, Mojave)

Adrian Tait: 34 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Adrian Aguilar: 30 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Jeff Geer: 29 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Beau Williamson: 27 (Bakersfield Police Department)

Gregory Jorgensen: 25 (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Michael Ramos: 25 (California Highway Patrol, Fort Tejon)

John Rich: 25 (California Highway Patrol, Mojave)

Brianna Dixon: 11 (Delano Police Department)

Edgar  Davalos: 11 (Shafter Police Department)

Maira Puente: 11 (Shafter Police Department)



Outstanding Prosecutor: Joseph Marcano, Supervising Deputy District Attorney (Kern County District Attorney’s Office)

Outstanding Officer: Matthew Iturrira (California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield)

Top DUI Arresting Officer: Matthew Aquino (Bakersfield Police Department)

Outstanding Probation Officer: Michael Ortiz (Kern County Probation Department)

Outstanding Agency: Kern Regional Crime Laboratory, Toxicological Analysis Unit (Kern County Coroner’s Office)

Corporate Community Champions: Sikh Riders of America, Punjabi Golf Association of Bakersfield




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