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85 Years of Hope

Helping the Vulnerable, Providing Hope

Chain | Cohn | Clark partners David Cohn, Jim Yoro, and Matt Clark talk about the firm’s origins and values—helping people in their time of need and, ultimately, providing hope.

Chain | Cohn | Clark: 85-Year Anniversary

This short clip highlights words encapsulating Chain | Cohn | Clark’s 85-year history: Justice. Results. Experience. Reliable. Hope. Compassion. Community.

David Cohn’s Story

David Cohn talks with Jim Yoro and Matt Clark about how his uncle, Milt Younger, inspired him to become a lawyer. Soon after Cohn joined the firm in 1976 (known …

Backbone of the Firm

David Cohn relates how previous attorneys at Chain | Cohn | Clark fostered what he refers to as “the backbone, the theme, of the firm”—helping the working man and woman.

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