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Bakersfield Amputation Lawyers

Amputation Lawyers

When an injury results in amputation, the results are life-altering. How you conduct your entire daily life and your relationships can transform in an instant. Many amputees must also deal with physical pain, emotional damage, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and even phantom limb pain

Amputation is a serious injury. If you have had an amputation as the result of someone else’s negligence, an experienced Bakersfield amputation lawyer at Chain | Cohn | Clark is here for you throughout your process to attain justice.

What Is an Amputation Injury?

An amputation injury, as explained by the Clinical Director at Johns Hopkins’ Comprehensive Transplant Center, is the “loss or removal of a body part such as a finger, toe, hand, foot, arm or leg.” 

Our amputation lawyers are experienced in this complex part of the law. Amputation is performed when it is deemed medically necessary. While the amputation may be necessary, the condition warranting the amputation may have been caused by someone else. 

If your amputation happened as the result of someone else’s negligence, actions, or inactions, our amputation lawyers can help you get the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Limb Loss Statistics

Research published in the British Journal of Pain included the following amputation statistics:

  • 42.9% occurred from a motor vehicle accident
  • 26.2% occurred in an industrial accident
  • 21.4% occurred in a motorcycle accident
  • 9.5% occurred in another form of incident

Other notable statistics include information about the site of amputations:

  • 53.2% happen below the knee
  • 19.2% happen below the elbow

Reasons to File an Amputation Lawsuit

If your amputation was the result of a condition caused or worsened by negligence, you may file an amputation lawsuit. In some cases, the amputation may not have been a medical act. 

For example, you may have been involved in an industrial accident with a metal blade that caused dismemberment of a limb. Auto accidents caused by others may also result in dismemberment. 

Both of the previous examples may also be causes leading to amputation. If severe trauma is suffered in an accident, amputation is often deemed necessary. 

Our amputation lawyers have experience in cases where severe trauma, dismemberment, medical neglect, and/or poor post-operative care led to amputation.

The Cost of an Amputation Injury

According to an article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the total average lifetime cost for an amputation patient is $509,275, with an average lifetime cost for reconstruction of $163,282. 

The true cost of an amputation includes much more than just medical costs. Making your home more accessible also needs to be accounted for.  You may not be able to perform the job duties you once did. As your world transforms because of the injury, the costs are likely to be both economic (easily quantifiable) and non-economic (harder to quantify). 

Long-Term Disability and Disfigurement

Amputation can cause long-term disability and disfigurement. This can lead to a completely altered quality of life. Here at Chain | Cohn | Clark, we believe the most important thing we do is providing personal attention to our clients. 

Because of the nature of amputations, we want to make sure you are taken care of. From the moment you come into our office, you will meet with the Bakersfield amputation lawyer who will work on your case. 

Factors Affecting Amputation Injury Compensation

After your amputation, you can claim several compensation losses because of the damage done to you. There are two types of compensation you can collect from your amputation injury case:

  • Economic damages
  • Non-economic damages

The economic damages that you can collect are the damages that have an actual dollar amount assigned to them, such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earnings

You can also receive non-economic damages, which can be harder to calculate, such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lower quality of life

In California, you can also receive comparative negligence, which allows a plaintiff to recover damages no matter how much of the fault you share. For example, if you are 80% at fault, you can still recover 20% of the damages. 

Comparative negligence is rare in amputee cases, however, it can be relevant in cases of medical malpractice. If your amputation is due to medical malpractice, contact us right away so we can begin investigating and gathering evidence to hold the at-fault medical professional accountable. Talk to your Bakersfield amputation lawyer to discuss the details and nuances of your amputation case.

According to the National Library of Medicine and the British Journal of Pain, there are many potential causes of amputation, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Workplace accidents, such as in factories and construction zones
  • Farming/agricultural accidents
  • Accidents involving power tools 
  • Lawnmower accidents
  • Train accidents
  • Wars and other conflicts
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Natural disasters

An amputation is caused by a traumatic experience that results in the loss of a body part. 

Traumatic Amputation

An amputation does not always mean that you have a claim—for example, if an amputation is the result of diabetes. Legal claims are made when amputations are needed due to traumatic accidents. 

Amputations may result in permanent, lifelong repercussions. Traumatic amputation may require:

  • Prosthetics 
  • Movement restriction 
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Therapy for emotional distress and suffering
  • Loss of income

When you endure such a life changing experience, we want to make sure you get the justice you deserve. Here at Chain | Cohn | Clark, we believe in providing personal attention to our clients throughout the entire legal process. We work to make sure you get the attention you deserve so you can focus on healing.  

Medical Malpractice

Amputations are typically completed by a medical professional. It’s important to seek medical attention right away after your accident. However, there are some instances when a trusted medical professional makes a mistake that results in an amputation.  

If this has happened to you, call the Bakersfield amputation lawyers at Chain | Cohn | Clark. We will work to collect all the necessary evidence to file a medical malpractice claim. 

Because of the complexities of these kinds of cases, you will want a trusted, experienced attorney to take on your case. Our knowledgeable attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve in order to focus on your health. 

How Long Will My Lawsuit Take?

There is no specific time window for an amputation lawsuit. Each one varies based on the cooperation of the parties involved, the situation, supporting documentation, and other factors. 

At Chain | Cohn | Clark, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to help you achieve the best possible outcome as quickly as possible. We are always happy to answer questions, and we make it a priority to keep you informed about the process and what to expect next.

Why Do I Need an Amputation Lawyer?

It is important to have a good amputation attorney to ensure the best outcome. In some cases, an insurance company may be involved and will try to make a settlement offer. Their goal is to settle for as little as possible. 

Only an amputation lawyer will fight to get you the money you need for lost wages, bills, medical expenses, and other amputation-related costs, such as child care and new career training.

Your Local Amputation Attorney

We are the law firm of choice for amputation patients. If you have lost a limb because of another person or entity’s negligence, call Chain | Cohn | Clark at (661) 616-9829 today for a free consultation with one of our experienced amputation attorneys.

Hire a Chain | Cohn | Clark Bakersfield Amputation Lawyer

The experienced attorneys at Chain | Cohn | Clark are here for you after you have suffered an amputation due to someone else’s negligent actions. A Bakersfield amputation lawyer at our law firm will work closely with you. We’ve been practicing law in Bakersfield and greater Kern County for over 85 years, fighting for justice for our fellow community members. 

As Kern County’s leading accident and injury law firm, we are here to hold the person/entity responsible for your amputation accountable. We will fight to get you justice. If you have questions about your accident and pursuing a case, contact us by calling (661) 616-9829 or fill out an online form today.  

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