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Bakersfield Products Liability Lawyers

Product defects are often responsible for causing serious injuries to an individual.  Our Bakersfield products liability lawyers can assist you in filing a product liability lawsuit.  Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers all have an obligation to provide consumers with products that are reasonably safe when used in a reasonable manner.  Too often, companies place profits ahead of safety, and the end result is a seriously injured victim.

There are essentially three types of defects that create liability for defective products: 1) manufacturing defects; 2) design defects; and 3) marketing defects. If you are injured by a product that has any one of these defects, you may be entitled to recovery for the damages you have suffered.

The most common claim made against a manufacturer is typically referred to as a “strict liability” claim.  Under this theory, a manufacturer will be liable if you can establish that 1) the product was defective; 2) the defect existed prior to the manufacturer releasing the product; and 3) the defect caused your damages.

If you have been injured due to a defective product, our Bakersfield products liability lawyers recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Keep the product and anything related to it, such as packaging, instructions, receipts, etc.
  2. Take photographs of the product and the scene of the accident
  3. Verify that you were using the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions
  4. Gather the names and contact information of any witnesses
  5. Seek medical attention immediately

Once you’ve taken these steps, contact our Bakersfield products liability lawyers immediately, so that we can assist you in filing a product liability lawsuit. The Bakersfield products liability lawyers at Chain | Cohn | Clark have extensive experience handling product liability cases.

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