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Bakersfield Explosion Lawyers

Bakersfield gas explosion lawyers at Chain | Cohn | Clark have been representing burn victims in Kern County for decades. On 11/13/2015 there was a gas explosion in Kern County just south of Bakersfield. At least one person was killed and at least 2 people suffered burns or other injuries as a result of the explosion. At this time it appears that an equipment operator hit the gas line which may or may not have resulted in the explosion. If you or a loved one was injured, burned or killed as a result of this explosion you may need to speak with an experienced explosion or burn injury lawyer in Bakersfield.

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Bakersfield Explosion and Wrongful Death Lawyers

Bakersfield Gas Line Explosion Kern County burn injury lawyers and explosion attorneys at Chain | Cohn | Clark have the experience and resources required to thoroughly investigate explosions that happen because of accidents relating to the PG&E gas line infrastructure. It is unclear at this time who is responsible for this tragedy but is likely that someone is to blame for death of at least one person and the burns and injuries of at least 2 others. Our attorneys in Bakersfield are skilled when it comes to representing clients in Wrongful death cases. We work hard to figure out all of the parties that are responsible so our clients can recover fair compensation for their injuries or loss. We do not charge for a consultation and thorough case evaluation. Do not wait, call us now to speak with an experienced explosion lawyer in Bakersfield.

Burn Injury Lawyers in Kern County

Our Bakersfield burn injury lawyers understand the difficult recovery process that burn victims must go through. We work diligently to make sure that our clients get the best legal outcome available for their situation. This gas line explosion that happened on 11/13/2015 will likely lead to lawsuits being filed on behalf of the victims. The goal of these explosion related lawsuits will be to recover damages in the form of settlements from the responsible parties which may include PG&E or other companies.

PG&E Gas Line Explosion Lawyers in Bakersfield

We are the most experienced law firm in Bakersfield when it comes to handling large cases where people have been severely injured, burned or killed. Gas lines pose a threat to our community and when accidents happen with the PG&E gas line infrastructure we can help the injured parties collect monetary compensation for their losses by filing lawsuits to facilitate settlements. Please call us now to speak with an experienced gas explosion attorney in Bakersfield.

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