Car Insurance: How To Protect Your Family Before An Accident

As a driver, you never know when an accident can happen, and it can be lifechanging. There are ways to make sure you and your family stay protected while on local roads. Here is one important way: Make sure you have uninsured motorist coverage.

This coverage protects you and your family in case you get into an accident with a driver who either doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your damages. Did you know California has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers in the country? And Kern County’s rate is especially bad!

California’s minimum motorist coverage of $15,000 is barely enough to cover an ambulance ride. If you waive uninsured motorist coverage, or you have too little uninsured motorist insurance, you could be left with costly medical bills and other expenses.

Carry uninsured motorist coverage at limits of at least $100,000 per person to make certain that you and your family are protected.

Little known fact: This coverage also protects you or a family member if you are the victim of a hit-and-run crash or injured in a bike accident or pedestrian accident.