Study Reveals Alarming Rise in Nighttime Pedestrian Fatalities in Bakersfield, Law Firm Study Shows

KBFX-58 Eyewitness News covers Chain | Cohn | Clark’s examination of a new study that shows a surge in nighttime pedestrian fatalities, including in Bakersfield. More than 7,300 pedestrians died in America in 2021 (the latest statistics available) with three in four during the hours between sunset and sunrise, according to a research study by New York Times. And while most deaths among vehicle occupants happen during the day, pedestrian fatalities peak at night, indicating a heightened risk associated with darkness for those on foot. This stands in contrast with other comparable wealthy countries, such as Canada and Australia, which have a much lower share of pedestrian fatalities occurring at night. Even more, those fatalities have generally been declining, not rising.