Man Injured In Bakersfield Apartment Explosion Shares Story, Represented By Chain Cohn Clark

July 13, 2022 | Article by Chain | Cohn | Clark staff | At the Firm , Cases , News & Media , Video

Man Injured In Bakersfield Apartment Explosion Shares Story, Represented By Chain Cohn Clark

With his leg broken after being thrown to the ceiling from an explosion at Park 20th Apartments, Zackhary Williams crawled his way to the 2nd floor apartment balcony, threw himself over, fell to the ground, and continued to crawl under a vehicle parked nearby to escape any further explosions.

That’s what Williams experienced June 30 when an explosion rocked an apartment complex in downtown Bakersfield, which may have been triggered by a gas leak, fire officials said. The explosion in the apartment complex caused enough damage to render seven apartments uninhabitable and in need of major reconstruction, according to a statement from Housing Authority of Kern County published in local media reports.

Williams was released from the hospital after suffering a severe broken leg in the explosion; one other person was also injured in the blast. Williams has retained attorneys from the Law Office of Chain | Cohn | Clark. He shared his experience with local media, and while attorney Chris Hagan discussed the next steps in his personal injury case.

“I was just sitting down, trying to enjoy my sandwich,” 30-year-old Williams told local media. “The best thing I thought possible at the time was to get out of the building. So I crawled to the balcony, I shimmied over, I held on to the bar and plowed down on the bush with the best leg I had.”

Hagan added: “All of you are probably wondering who is at fault? That is the question that us as attorneys have to answer all the time, this catastrophic explosion was not Zackhary’s fault, but it has altered his life forever.

No lawsuit or complaint has been filed. Chain | Cohn | Clark is requesting access to the apartments to allow an independent investigation.

“When a lawsuit is filed, it is just to make Zackhary whole for the catastrophic injuries that he sustained,” Hagan said.

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